One step to a beautiful smile is straightening those pearly whites. But there are many options on how to get there! See how traditional approaches stack up against invisalign, and which option is best for your needs.

Removable or Not?

Depending on the application and the wearer, it may be a benefit to have a removable option such as invisalign while straightening your teeth. But in some cases, having a set pair of braces that stay in place may be better. With Invisalign, the patient can control the amount of time the straightening device is worn. This means that a patient who is less likely to follow through and wear the device for the appropriate amount of time may find traditional braces to be a better choice. But the patient who is more likely to follow all the guidelines may do well with aligners.

Dietary Restrictions and Dental Hygiene Concerns

Traditional braces are known for their dietary restrictions, and their impact on dental hygiene. This may not be an issue for some patients, but for others, they may prefer the flexibility of aligners for their lifestyle. Invisalign still requires stellar dental hygiene to keep teeth clean while wearing them.


Many consider aligners as superior due to appearance during straightening treatment. But traditional braces provide alternatives that can alleviate any social anxiety over the appearance of braces. Traditional braces also are capable of addressing more extreme cases, and tend to cost less than Invisalign.

Ultimately both a traditional orthodontic approach and invisalign are excellent options for anyone wanting a straighter, healthier smile. Give us a call at our San Antonio Dental Office to discuss your options and needs so we can help you figure out which option is best for you.